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Meet Riley Lamperd

Riley Lamperd

Meet farmer Riley!!

Riley is just 16 years young, but already has the heart of a farmer going on 80.

Lamb of Tasmania receives lambs off the farm where Riley lives and works, Logan. He’s been living on the farm with his dad and brother for the last 4 years and chose to start his Certificate II in Agriculture through Tas TAFE at the end of 2018 after helping out on the farm after school, holidays and on the weekend. Riley makes a strong point of saying he is lucky to work on the farm as “they make me feel like I’m part of the family”. He has plans to go away to the mainland to try harvesting and jackarooing, then bringing his new found knowledge back to Logan. Riley says there isn't much he doesn’t love about farming: working outdoors and with animals, but his all time favourite work is the machinery side of things.

Riley says he loves seeing how quickly and healthy the lambs go from newborns, to walking, to being marked and weaned, then being ready for market. Lamb of Tasmania thrives off the love, life and care that Riley brings everyday. If there was ever going to be a farming star in our midst, Riley is it!