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The Climate

Windswept from the top of the Great Western Tiers as crisp and as fresh as it comes. Morning dew drops form and then disappearing by the heat of our raw sun. They say we have four seasons in one day in Tasmania, some would find this hard to live with, for us, it is what we live for.

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The Land

Expansive, vast, rich, rare. The envy of those around our country. We are talking about our land. The earth in which our stock live, breath and graze. Fertile is an understatement.

The Farmers

They have the cracked face city siders envy and a smile that brings life to all living things around them. The most admirable trait though? The way they work their stock. It's an art we are so grateful they have mastered.

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The Production

Situated on our land, our production plant is the largest in the State. Our stock grows up and lives right next door and we have the privilege of hand-picking the best of the best to become our Lamb of Tasmania.

Award Winning Meat

Since our launch in 2019, our product excellence and dedication to quality has been recognised with numerous national awards, including the best food product in Australia at the RASV Australian Food Awards.

Lamb of Tasmania Awards
Lamb of Tasmania Awards
Lamb of Tasmania Awards
Lamb of Tasmania Awards
Lamb of Tasmania Awards